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Kintamani Tour is the best Bali Daily Tour Package in Bali to Visit Kintamani Village with a view of the active volcano and lake batur from above. It is the most touristic choice for opportunities, beautiful views of Mount Batur Volcano and lakes from Kintamani Village, never miss the opportunity of this trip to make your holiday more memorable. Besides seeing volcanoes, also the kintamani tour will visit other interesting tourist destinations that are worth visiting during your trip to explore these amazing islands.

Kintamani Tour Destination:

1. Barong and Keris Dance Performance

Barong is a character in Balinese mythology. He is the king of spirits, a good host leader, and an enemy of Rangda in the Balinese mythological tradition. Barong and Keris Dance accompanies Trance Dance by performing with Balinese professional dancers, the dance is only performed in the morning and the dance takes on stories of good and evil battles by appearing in the figure of Barong as a good character and Rangda as an evil character. We will watch this dance for a full day of Ubud Tours with a duration of 1 hour. It’s a good dance to watch before continuing the journey to Ubud village, the dancer brings his dance very well and makes you more comfortable to watch with good stories making the Barong and Keris dance more interesting.

2. Batuan Village for Traditional Painting Art

Batuan Village is a famous Balinese painting and as a famous Bali tourist destination, located about 7 kilometers north of Denpasar and 10 kilometers south of Ubud, this place is popular with the center of Balinese art, and is now known for its dance, wooden panels and Balinese paintings Ubud. We have many tours to Batuan and Ubud painters – where you will see beautiful paintings and they also have Balinese paintings for sale.

3. Kintamani Village for Mount Batur Volcano and Lake Batur View

Kintamani Village is a village name located on a hill and a beautiful panorama surrounds it. We can see the beautiful panorama of Kintamani Village to see the active volcanoes of Mount Batur and the vast Lake Batur in a valley. It is located in a highland area with cold weather around it. When we stand in Kintamani, we will be able to see the rural area close to the lake. Kintamani is a very unique and fascinating mountain attraction, with cool air conditions during the day and cold at night. We can see the amazing natural scenery of Penelokan, a combination of Mount Batur and a stretch of black rock with Lake Batur and the blue caldera.

4. Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple was built around the holy spring at Tampak Siring. Stop to visit this temple after visiting the volcano in Kintamani Village. For more than a thousand years, Balinese worshipers have been attracted to the Tirta Empul Temple whose sacred springs are said to have been created by Indra and have curative properties.

The tradition continues almost unchanged in the temple today. Over 1000 years, the temple and its two baths have been used by people for good health and prosperity because of the healing power of springs. But the main attraction in Tirta Empul Temple is a long rectangular pool carved from stone, filled with koi and fed by a holy spring through 12 fountains.

5. Goa Gajah Temple

Goa Gajah Temple also known as Pura Gua Gajah is an ancient neglect in the form of a cave with high artistic and historical value. The last stop on the Kintamani Tour itinerary is to visit the cave of the elephant temple. Goa Gajah is one of the tourist destinations in Bali that is visited by many tourists every day.

In this place, we will find other ancient omissions such as ancient stone idols, douches, temples and more. It has beautiful relief with the shape of the face turning to the left side. The word Goa Gajah is thought to originate from the word Lwa Gajah, the name of a Buddhist temple or hermitage for Buddhist monks. Goa Gajah was rediscovered in 1923 and in 1954 was found a bathing pool in front of the cave followed by a restoration.

Kintamani Tour Itinerary:

  • Pick up at the hotel
  • Watching Barong and Keris Dance Performance (Trance Dance)
  • Visit Batuan Village for Traditional Painting Art
  • Visit Kintamani Village for see the amazing view of Mount Batur Volcano and Lake Batur View
  • Enjoy Lunch at Kintamani with view Mount Batur Volcano and Lake Batur View
  • Visit Tirta Empul Temple (Holy Spring Temple)
  • Visit Goa Gajah Temple (Elephant Cave Temple)
  • Back to hotel
  • Arrive at Hotel

Price Includes:

  • Air conditioned car
  • English speaking driver
  • Petrol
  • Parking ticket

Price excludes:

  • Entrance ticket
  • Meal
  • Other personal expenses

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